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Robert Michael Thomas, known as R. Michael Thomas throughout the music industry, is a force to be reckoned with. Since the tender age of 14, R. Michael has been tapping into his entrepreneurial spirit and using his passion for music to guide him into an outstanding career. During his high school years, he began promoting concerts and working on the renowned music row in Nashville, which eventually opened doors to his career as a music supervisor.  Refusing to be confined to a box, like so many others in this business, Thomas is infiltrating the industry in every way he can. In addition to music supervisor, his many titles include actor, background singer, drummer, writer, and manager .

Over the course of seven years he has served as music supervisor and consultant for nearly ten films including, Matthew A. Cherry's "The Last Fall" and Tyler Perry's "Why Did I Get Married?". R. Michael is not only tapped into the film industry but understands the importance of where entertainment is headed and has been affiliated with the hit web series', “The Choir” and “Twenties,” by producers Issa Rae and Lena Waithe. Being able to appropriately soundtrack a body of work is something few have a knack for, yet Thomas continuously proves that his work is here to stay. His path has led him to working for the powerhouse publishing companies BMG, Universal, and Imagem where he did placements for countless commercials, movies, and independent projects.

Since graduating from the elite University of Southern California, R. Michael Thomas has put his music industry degree to use by managing a plethora of talent including Liv Warfield, the successful protégée of the artist known best as Prince, and gospel artists Jamelle Jones & FREED and the Concrete Evangelists. Not only do Thomas' talents surpass pushing his own achievements but he is dedicated and experienced enough to do the same for others.

In 2006, R. Michael penned a comedic viral petition about songstress Beyoncé Knowles which lead to a feature in the illustrious Vogue Magazine and opened his eyes to another place to use a talent of his; blogging. He is now the owner and driving force behind the popular music blog, Tha Feedback. The success of the site has allowed for R. Michael to serve as a contributor to other notable publications such as VIBE, NecoleBitchie.com, E! Entertainment, BBC Television, and Amalgamation. He is continuing to further branch out in his career as he will be starring in his first feature film this coming fall, "The Family Exchange" and landed a national commercial with Nissan. As you can see R. Michael is working, doing his absolute best to make both of his late parents proud. With the completion of his first short film as both writer & director, his list of accomplishments is sure to grow as he presses forward with the art and business of creating intellectual property and original content.

Outspoken and vibrant, you can find Thomas on most every social media platform under the moniker, @rmichaelthomas.

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